Established in 1986

Ace Blueprinters is locally owned and has continuously served Brevard County since 1986.

Ace Blueprinters, established in 1986, is locally owned reprographics business, and has continuously served Brevard County since 1986. Throughout the years we have earned the reputation of providing a quality product together with prompt service. Pleasant, fast customer attention along with a friendly smile, have always been our objectives.

Large document digital printing is completed on the xerox print system. Three large synergix scanner/printers operate daily enabling rapid printing while promoting schedule flexibility. In the event a printer is down due to equipment malfunction, we have additional machines, with which maintain production schedules and commitments.

We continue to be a leader in technology with our newest piece of equipment, the Xerox 721 system. Installed in February 2006, this machine offers the fastest printing available on the market. The combined output speed from our three xerox machines allows a maximum printing speed of 41 “D” size sheets per minute, or over 2400 “D” size sheets per hour. Your print order can be as small as one page or up to multiple sets.

Document storage and/or retrieval are maintained on two Dell computers. In addition to our printing services, we also have the capability to offer color scanning. The synergix scanner system can provide color scans in either a tif file or a j-peg file. Resolution can be as high as 400 DPI. Although we do not have the capability to print in color, we can provide you with a disk containing a high quality color scan.

Two large Dell computer are used for document storage & retrieval. These two computers are maintained not only to offer a large storage capacity but also to provide protection against data loss. They also provide the operators with the ability to produce two different jobs at the same time.

Protection against data loss is an extremely important consideration to you as a customer, as you make the decision to place a job within our document management system. Therefore, we complete a total data backup daily. This information is stored off site thus protecting you against any loss of information. Data files used for processing printing requirements include tif, pdf, AutoCad (dwg), plt, dxf and dwf files.

Additionally, all files can be e-mailed as required through our high speed internet access. We do have a 10 meg maximum limit per each e-mail transmission.

Finally, in order to make your business transactions as easy as possible we offer the opportunity to establish a business charge account. Transactions can be posted daily and you will be invoiced at the end of each month. Payment is accepted with a credit/debit card (visa/mastercard), check or cash.

It is our pleasure to offer our services to you. You will be greeted at Ace Blueprinters with both a smile and friendly service. We offer our expertise and energy in providing you with flexible schedules and quality printing.

  • 1) Over 30 years of experience
  • 2) Leader in technology
  • 3) Newest piece of equipment
  • 4) Protection against data loss
  • 5) Quality printing
  • 6) Stellar customer service