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Ace Blueprinters of Brevard is proud to offer the following services:

1. High speed digital and inkjet large document printers
2. All standard Engineering and Architectural sizes (from 8.5" x 11" to 36" x 48") available
3. Can print from email, disk or USB memory stick (PDF, TIF, PLT, DWG, DWF, DXF, JPEG)
4. Custom sizes available as well


1. Digital large document scanners
2. Plans can be scanned to a disc, emailed or put on USB memory stick
3. Plans can be scanned to our computer for storage and future printing
4. Color scanning is available

Enlargement and reduction capabilities

1. Custom requests are accommodated

Collation & Binding

Prints are collated and bound (unless otherwise requested)


1. Can plot DWG files for printing
2. Complementary Pen setting storage available
3. Plotter paper 2" core (bond & vellum)
22" x 150, 24" x 150, 36" x 150
4. Digital printers 3" core-bond
17" x 500, 18" x 500, 24" x 500,
30" x 500, 36" x 500
5. Vellum/Mylar

Plan Storage and Retrieval

1. Memory rich computers capable of storing large quantities of data
2. Computer files normally used include TIF, PDF, DWG, PLT, DWF, DXF and JPEG.
3. Capable of receiving files via a high speed internet connection
4. Plans in storage are backed up daily

Special Order

Drafting Scales (Engineering and Architectural)

Special Orders are Welcome - Call to inquire (321/725-1244)

Charge account with monthly invoicing

1. Click here to print a copy of the credit application (PDF).
2. Upon approval charges are recorded daily
3. Invoice and statements are mailed monthly
4. Payment Terms: Net 15 days
5. Cash, Check and Visa/MasterCard accepted